Senior Primary

In the Senior Primary, we are intentional about preparing and growing our children for the expectations of life, by offering a relevant and challenging curriculum that embraces an integrated approach through project-based collaborations, peer contributions, creativity and the development of critical thinking. Character building becomes a natural part of our day-to-day interactions, developing independence and self-confidence to make meaningful community contributions. We strive to develop in our children self-belief and self-worth each individual unique and a valuable member of society. 

Academic Support Programmes

STEAM – STEAM activities at BCS are carefully woven into the integrated studies component from Gr 4 – 7, in our well-equipped ICT lab and the Makerspace, where more practical projects are realised. Digital literacy and competence in the Junior Primary is taught using a self-paced, game based programme. Basic block coding and simple programming techniques are taught to the Senior Primary children in preparation for the demands of the modern world.

Learner Support – At BCS we believe in inclusive education with every child receiving equal opportunity and support in their academic journey. Our academic support offering is unique, yet effective for all children of all abilities. The integration of the enrichment programmes during the school day for all children stimulates an environment of co-operation and accountability which is both non-threatening and non-judgemental.